10 Ways to Get More Google Reviews

10 Ways to Get More Google Reviews | Google Review Generation Guide

Customers love to read reviews as reading reviews helps influence them to make a decision concerning which business or product to choose so the big question that business owners are asking is  “how to get more Google reviews?”

Google tracks the movement of ratings and lifts the businesses that have an enormous number of high evaluations, just as ones who have a high number of reviews since it perceives those businesses that make an effort to engage with their customers. 

If your business has a high review rating, customers are more likely to click your site and see what your business is about, increasing brand awareness. If you are ready to get started, here are 10 ways to get more Google reviews for your business. 

How do I increase my Google reviews?

  1. Verify your business

Verify your business on Google so that your information is eligible to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. Only verified businesses can respond to reviews so make sure you do the necessary steps to be verified as customers feel valued when a business replies to their reviews. 

  1. Install review generation tools

Review generation tools make the review process much more efficient for business owners. For example, Review Buzz is a popular internet marketing tool designed to help business owners to get more Google reviews. 

  1.  Remind customers to leave reviews.

Let customers know that it’s quick and easy to leave business reviews on their mobile device or computer. Look for ways to create and share a link so that customers can click to leave a review. 

  1. Reply to reviews

To build loyalty and community around your business, being responsive and engaged with your customers is a huge part of it. If you have claimed your business listing, each time a customer leaves a new review you will automatically get a notification. 

Do not ignore negative feedback, instead, look for ways to solve that problem and reply how you are carefully thinking on resolving that problem and will take action. Critical comments should also be one way where your business can look for ways to improve. 

  1. Add a review link to get more Google reviews

Adding a review link to your website or creating a custom review link is one easy way to get more Google reviews. A custom Google review link is creating a custom URL where your clients can leave you a review

  1. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews

If customers feel that it is easy for them to leave reviews on your profile, the more likely they are able to leave more reviews. Think of ways to encourage customers and engage them at a time that is most convenient for them. 

However, according to Google policy offering incentives in exchange to leave reviews is not allowed. Giving incentives like a discount or a gift is strictly against their policies and can result in a business losing all of its reviews. 

  1. Follow up with your review request 

Since a customer doesn’t leave you a survey the first time when you ask doesn’t mean they’ll never leave one. Take a chance at sending another request one time each week or even every other week until you’ve hit your maximum. Relentless requests with your new clients’ minds keep you fresh in their thoughts and add more relationships among you and your customers.

  1. Start a conversation about Google reviews

One important way that effectively encourages people to leave an online review is to start a conversation about online reviews. Actively look for ways to start talking with your customers about reviews using the digital platform that you have. 

If your business uses a mailing list, you can drop hints and use words like “leave us a review” at the end of each email newsletter and leave a direct link to your business profile on Google. 

  1. Providing great customer service

Customers are encouraged to leave reviews when they get the best customer service and they light-heartedly and willingly leave reviews when they know businesses deserve it because they can see the effort they gave for customers to have a great experience. 

  1. Give leave-behind

A leave-behind is a piece of marketing collateral that is normally left at the customers’ property, like a Google review card. Leave-behinds are more popular with contractors or local service companies.

How do I get free Google reviews?

How to get customers to leave me Google reviews? The best thing about Google reviews is that it costs nothing for customers to leave reviews but they need to do it on their own volition but companies need to do their part for their customers to leave free reviews.

Look for ways to encourage them to do so. However, getting the right reviews is also important. Reviews from your customers are valuable when they are honest and have a correct depth in them pertaining to your business. For example, a business owner should not offer additional incentives to customers in order for them to add a review.

Can you pay Google to rank higher?

It’s impossible to ask for or pay for a higher ranking on Google. Google puts a valiant effort to keep the search algorithm details secret, to make the positioning system as reasonable for everybody. Cash alone can’t purchase Google rank, however with time and strategies you can advance your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) without spending money.