Chaffetz slams Biden’s denials about Hunter’s business deals: Money was ‘flowing in by the millions’


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Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz lambasted President Biden more than statements that he had no involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings on “The Faulkner Concentrate” Thursday, stating funds was “flowing in by the hundreds of thousands” to the Biden family.

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JASON CHAFFETZ: The countrywide security implications are massive. That is how the laptop arrived to be, is that the man or woman who was intended to be correcting the personal computer was concerned about all the countrywide protection facts that was on there, the categorized info that was on that laptop or computer that should in no way have been on Hunter Biden’s laptop or computer. That was a huge difficulty. Yet again, you experienced the President of the United States, in my own belief, lying to the American folks, saying he by no means had a discussion. Now politicians can lie on digicam, but that is not against the legislation. You have to stick to the dollars. That is where you have to adhere to the dollars. To propose that the dollars was not flowing, it was flowing by the tens of millions of pounds to the Biden family members.

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