Display Racks – Convenience is Key

Display Racks – Convenience is Key

Display racks are convenient tools for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Gas stations and other kinds of convenience stores.
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, and specialty food shops.
  • Bookstores, movie theaters, and movie rentals.
  • Hotels, motels, and other travel industry businesses.

Every business needs to display its merchandise is organized, attractive, and convenient ways. One of the best ways to do this is to use racks designed to display merchandise on the floor or countertops. So, it only makes sense that the key to choosing the best display racks for your business is to choose what will offer the most organization, visual appeal, and convenience to your customers.

Choose the Best Display Rack

There are various kinds of display racks – from pegboard racks to common convenience store racks – and while each one works to display merchandise, each one also works a bit differently from the next. Keep in mind you can also find racks designed specifically for countertop display (which work great for small stores that need to make the most of the space they have!) as well as floor racks of various heights and widths.

Be sure to take your time considering the kind of merchandise you want to showcase and browsing each kind of display rack to determine which one will work best for you.

Choose the Best Accessories

Once you know what kind of display racks you want to use, it’s time to think about the accessories you’ll need.

Unless you plan to use a more traditional convenience store rack (also known as a c-store) rack, which generally has a number of built-in shelves for you to work with, chances are you’re going to need accessories like pegs, trays, and small plastic containers and bins to hold your merchandise. If you’re using pegboard displays, also be aware of the extensions you can add to make these displays taller and create more room for more merchandise.

While they’re not necessary tools for actually showcasing your merchandise, header sign holders are excellent ways to clearly label the merchandise on a certain rack, note the price, or announce a particular promotion. These header sign holders are generally available in clear and a number of sizes and shapes, like half-circles and rectangles, so choose the holders that will best fit your display rack.

Choose the Best Location

Naturally, you need to place your racks in convenient locations throughout your store. This might mean organizing the racks close to other displays of similar items or rearranging displays that hold merchandise for sale so they’re near high-traffic areas in your store. However, this always means making sure your racks are positioned in ways so that your customers can conveniently access the merchandise.

Note that in addition to stationary display racks, you can also choose racks that revolve so your customers can spin them around to see the merchandise on each side. These revolving racks are ideal for displaying merchandise in stores with limited space where the racks need to stand close to a wall or on top of countertops.

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